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Club Magazine "Reel Talk" September 1953

This is a copy of a Reel Talk from the early days, when the club was called the "Surf Casting and Angling Association of WA"

 The front page header on the Reel Talk

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

News in Brief.

Vic Davis and John McNerney have recently spent some tine at Rottnest, Vic using the excuse that he was putting some kind of wire into the new hotel, and Mac not requiring one. They tell us that the fishing there is marvelous. There are, as usual, plenty of "Buff Bream", and they're biting well, but there are good fish as well, Vic caught two jewies (6lb. and 12lb.) and a pike while both caught plenty of skippies and other good eating fish.

Nelson Smith would like members to ask him when he caught his last Kingie. He'd promptly tell you last week - a seven pounder at Cottesloe. Ask him when he got his last Tailor and you'll probably be told - "Last Saturday week. Vern gave me one."

Noel Knight wishes to have it put on record that at the time Nelson caught his kingie he landed a blue shark (weight not specified) all by himself.

Vern, the spinner, tells us he's got among the tailor at Triggs on several evenings lately. They've been jumping out of the water after his lures.

Last Sunday week, long before the sun was up, about 20 members headed for Yanchep, a favourite spot several seasons ago, and got lines into the water by first light. It was only a matter of minutes before Felix Holywell landed a 1 lb. tailor. That looked good, but it was the one and only, so Felix scooped the pool again.

Later in the morning Mrs. Hartwig showed the boys how to catch herring.

By lunch time all were on their way home thinking up excuses that might prove convincing.

Dry Casting. Our initial dry casting event for the year at Rosalie Park showed that our casting needs improving before we can shout the distances from the roof tops. The best was Vern Pocklington's 109 yards before his champion "Bird's Nest". Vic Davis showed consistency by landing each of his three casts about three or four yards past the 100 yard flag.

We were very pleased to see the interest that was shown in this event. About a dozen members were present, several wives and friends and a number of onlookers.

We have secured the use of this park for the 20 September so there's time to clean the heavy grease and sand out of your reels, check your lines for weaknesses and get out into the paddock with 3 and 2 oz. (or thereabouts) sinkers and get those few extra yards. You'll need 120 yards or more to win next time.

If you' re not an expert come along and get a few tips, with a bit of practice. If you are an expert be there to show your skill and perhaps help someone less experienced.

For our next Field Day we plan to go South to some place between Long Point and the 14 mile beach south of Mandurah. Details will be given at the next meeting at National Fitness Rooms in James Street, on 9 September.

Future issues of Reel Talk will not be sent out to members who are unfinancial. Subscriptions can be paid at the meeting or through the post, and must be in by 30th September.

Go Fishing For Contentment.

Extract from "Melbourne Herald" 18/8/1953

Mr. Christopher Harrigan, 75, of Hill Grove, Preston, who joined Carter Paterson and Co. Pty. Ltd., Slivers Lane, City, back in 1892, retired today.

His secret is: If you want to be contented - and stay with the one company for 61 years - go fishing. Mr. Harrigan, who started work sweeping the floors at 6/- a week, and is now a leather goods maker, says he grew up with the company. He was 5ft. 2in. then. Today he is 5ft. 1in.

Mr. Harrigan claims he has fished in every spot in Victoria. "There' s nothing like it," he said today. "You come back to work feeling fine after a week-end with the line.

"And you're happy towards the end of the week again - you know you're going fishing.

"Fishing is like stalking game. The quieter you are the better you do" .

Mr. Harrigan was a founder of the Preston and Northcote Fishing Clubs. As a delegate of the Piscatorial Council, he put perch into the Yarra 35 years ago. He claims he still holds the fishing record for Yarra fishing - five fish weighing 15 lb in one afternoon.

He was presented by the staff with, among other things, a fishing line - made with a cotton reel, a small piece of cane, a piece of string and a bent pin.

What's he going to do now he's retired? Go fishing, of course.

At long last the secret why so many of us go fishing is out. Of course, some of us go just to get away from the wife and kids, but there's another type who goes fishing to keep his job. Which type are you? Vern Pocklington.

What's It To Be- Single or Double Handed Rods?

From Reel Talk September 1953. From the spinning point of view single handed rods are like "Jets"; they're here to stay - in fact you can ask anyone who has used and caught fish spinning with a single handed rod and you'll get the same answer.

I have always looked to America as the leaders in fishing gear, and if you cast the old memory back as far as 1938 to the "Outdoor Life" magazine, or any of the other popular American fishing books, you'll remember seeing rods with the reel on top. It's only the last few years that this idea was adopted on our local beaches. We all agree that it's a big improvement on the old style.

Now look at any of those journals today and what do you see? Just about everyone using single handed rods. In one section it stated that nine out of ten rods sold in the U.S.A. were single handed rods, so there is proof that it must have something. I am tipping that within a very short time we will be seeing a great many of these little champs being used around our beaches.

To mention only a few of the big advantage is the ease of handling and the lightness which is a big feature when fishing off reefs against a heavy surf. Then there's the small amount of room required for casting as this is done in an underarm action. Last, but not least, is the thrill you got landing, say, a 3 lb fish on this light but excellent spinning gear.

On the tenth of August a chap named Martin, the keenest of single handed spinner fishermen landed seven tailor, ranging from 3 - 5 lbs in seven casts off North Beach, using 6 lb. nylon, Record rod and reel.

On Sunday, 16th August he hooked a 30 lb. yellowtail kingfish on the same gear, but after playing it for some time his line gave away on a knot. In July this year he landed a 10 lb "Kingey".

These catches were all made with the gear stated above so you see the single handed rods are really worthwhile considering. Vern Pocklington.


There will be a 5 reward for anyone who SEES Noel Knight catch a fish. There is also a 1 reward for anyone who HAS seen him catch a fish. Donated by the Birds' Nest Assoc.

For Sale

1 Graeme Star Drag Reel, with 220 yards 14 B.S Water Queen Line. .... 8. 0. 0 Apply V. Pocklington.

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