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Club and Members' Photos Set 8, more in Set 1 , Set 2 , Set 3 , Set 4 , Set 5 , Set 6 , Set 7 , Dry Casting Movie Clips , - -

This page will have more photos added - check What's New for updates.

This page mostly has photos from the 2007 Yalata Fishing Safari, and shows small versions of the photos.

Put your mouse cursor over the picture to see a description, or click on the photo to see a full size version.

The photos on these pages are reduced in size and resolution to speed up loading and to fit onto the limited free space available on the website, and still look reasonably OK at the size they are displayed on the screen.

This resizing and compressing reduces the quality of the images and they may not be suitable for enlarging.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Please contact us if you would like an original high resolution version of any photo, mostly 1600 by 1200 pixels, for enlarging or printing up to A4 size. many of these photos have been cropped to show just the interesting parts.

Club members on their way to the Yalata Fishing Safari 2007. Photo stop at the famous Australian Bight. Hilton Campsite. Peet and Mulloway. Peet and Mark cooking up a 5 star dinner. Greg to the rescue. Greg with his Mulloway caught just South of the Hilton camp. Yalata Beach at the Hilton Campsite. Guys in good spirit. Yalata Dunes. Daniel on Marks ute attempting an almighty Yalata dune. Going through the Nullabor

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This page last updated 25 July 2007.

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