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Dry casting records

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Club dry casting is run under the Club's Dry Casting Competition Rules

The following are the Club records. The dates of recent records are in the table.

Records cast by Club members at Club casting events will be automatically entered. Records cast at other events may need an application form

West Australian State and Australian National Dry casting records are on the Australian Anglers Association (WA) website WA State and Australian National Dry Casting records (link opens in a new browser tab or window)

112 gram level line distance
Men's199.82 metresPeter Pekaar, 6 October 2013
Ladies 132 metresSharon Osborne
Veterans 178.9 metres George Holman, October 2006
Juniors 153.4 metresAndrew Pekaar, 6 April 2008
Mini Juniors 105.46 metresMorgan Keet, 9 March 2014
56 gram level line distance
Men's 167.79 metresRobert Pekaar, 2 November 2014
Ladies 130 metresSharon Osborne
Veterans 171.4 metresGary Gildersleeves, 26 October 2014
Juniors 133 metresAndrew Pekaar, 5 August 2007
Mini Juniors 98.04 metresMorgan Keet, 6 May 2012
Artificial bait level line distance
Men's 171.63 metresPeter Pekaar, 4 November 2012
Ladies 106 metresFilomena D'Alonzo
Veterans 152.01 metresRon Thomas, 26 October 2014
Juniors 131.56 metresAndrew Pekaar, December 2007
Mini Juniors 103 metresHeath Holman
Double handed accuracy (points out of 200)
Men's171 pointsGary Gildersleeves
Ladies 158 pointsSharon Osborne
Veterans 176 pointsGary Gildersleeves, 26 October 2008
Juniors 163 pointsHeath Holman
Mini Juniors
(points out of 100)
85 pointsMorgan Keet, 7 October 2012
Single handed accuracy (points out of 40)
Men's38 pointsAndrew Aubrey
Ladies 36 pointsVix Alexander, 31 August 2003
Veterans 37 pointsGeorge Holman, 7 March 2010
Juniors 33 pointsAndrew Pekaar, December 2007
Mini Juniors 29 pointsRhys Jones

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