Surf Casting and Angling Club of WA (Inc.)

Code of ethics

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Members of the Club and visitors are expected to follow the Club's Code of Ethics and act responsibly in all activities.

Use of vehicles

Vehicles using beaches or accessing beaches shall be encouraged to use a pole carrying a flag or bunting which shall be a minimum of three (3) metres from ground level on all field trips whilst off road.

The maximum speed on beach or tracks shall not exceed 50 km per hour. Members must always drive with caution when there are other people sighted in any location.

All vehicles entering or leaving the beach should preserve vegetation at all times and keep to made tracks wherever possible.

Offer aid and assistance to any fisherman or motor vehicle in trouble on the beach.

Camping and Environment

Respect local, state and national statutes and the rights of property owners, particularly in regard to camping.

Do not litter the beach or campsites. Use rubbish bins when available, or take your rubbish with you to prevent pollution and to protect wildlife

Leave the campsite clean and tidy.

Our Fishery

Take no more than your immediate needs.

Understand and observe all fishing regulations.

Support and encourage activities that restore and enhance fisheries and fish habitats.

Observe the rules of common courtesy on the beach. Try not to overcrowd and leave room for fellow anglers.

Quickly and correctly return unwanted or illegal catch to the water.

Use only legal tackle, attend your gear and value your catch.

Respect the rights of others and treat fish humanely.

Inform and encourage other people to adopt a code of ethics.

The philosophy of "Catch and Release" should be encouraged at all times.

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