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The Surf Casting and Angling Club of WA (Inc.) was formed in 1952 and is one of the oldest existing fishing and casting clubs in Western Australia.

Experienced Club members welcome the opportunity to teach people fishing and casting and increase the skills of fellow members.

Our charter is to promote club recreational fishing, dry casting, friendly competition, fun and fellowship, and to compete in club and State competitions.

Fishing Field days are held once each month from Kalbarri in the north to Bremer Bay on the south coast and include Rottnest and many places in between. A local metropolitan field day is held each month for members who can't go on the trip away.

Our fishing is from the shore: surf fishing, beach fishing, rock fishing, rock wall fishing, reef fishing, jetty fishing, estuary fishing, etc. Read more

Dry casting is instruction and competition in distance casting and accuracy casting on a grassed area. It is important in the development of casting skills used when fishing anywhere. Read more

The Club monthly magazine "Reel Talk" has details of Club activities and the benefits of being a club member, particularly all those fishing and casting tips from experienced club members. Read more

General meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month. We have an instruction period covering a wide range of subjects including fishing techniques, preparations for the next fishing trip, fishing tackle, fishing rigs, etc. Read more

Come to some Club events as a visitor, to our monthly dry casting mornings, fishing trips or general meetings. Read more

Come to a Club event to meet us and make sure you are happy with how the club suits your needs, then fill out and send us the membership application form. Read more

The Club operates under a Constitution, is managed by a Committee, and events are run following a set of Competition rules and a Code of ethics. Read more