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Club's Submission to Fisheries and Environment Ministers on Jurien Bay Marine Park.

Following the Australian Anglers Association WA Division meeting with the Minister for Fisheries Hon. Kim Chance, the Club has sent the following letters to the Minister for Fisheries and Minister for the Environment about the Jurien Bay Marine Park Management Plan.

30 September 2001

Hon Kim Chance, Minister for Fisheries
11th Floor, Dumas House, 2 Havelock Street, West Perth W.A. 6005
Hon. Dr. J Edwards, Minister for the Environment and Heritage.
29th Floor, Allendale Square, 77 St. George's Tce. Perth W.A. 6000

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Dear Minister,

Jurien Bay Marine Park Indicative Management Plan.

(First paragraph to Fisheries Minister) Following the recent meeting with you by representatives of the Australian Anglers Association (WA Division), the members of the Surf Casting and Angling Club of W.A. (Inc.) would like to express our concerns at proposals in the Jurien Bay Marine Park Indicative Management Plan, and the delays in the resolution of the issues raised in this Plan.

(First paragraph to Environment Minister) The members of the Surf Casting and Angling Club of W.A. (Inc.) would like to express our concerns at proposals in the Jurien Bay Marine Park Indicative Management Plan, and the delays in the resolution of the issues raised in this Plan.

(Remainder of letter to both) We supported the objectives and principles in some of the original proposals, but we did not support some for various reasons. All this is detailed in the submission we made to the Plan Coordinator. I have attached a copy of the Club's submission for your information.

In particular, we are concerned that some proposals significantly affect recreational fishing on top of decisions which will be made as part of the West Coast Recreational Fishing Review and Integrated Fisheries Management.

We believe that rock lobster fishing must have a significant impact. We have seen reports that the Cottesloe Reef Fish Habitat Protection Area bans rock lobster pots because of the potential damage to the sea floor and living structures. If correct, then this ban should also apply in any zones such as Scientific Reference Zones in any Marine Park.

Apart from the comments in our submission, we are also concerned that the process does not appear to allow the residents of W.A. to know what is proposed before it is submitted to Parliament and applied. We are unable to find out definitely what has now been proposed in response to the public's comments which were submitted on the original proposals.

In keeping with the Labor Government's Environment Policy, which states "Labor believes the public has a 'right to know' about the state of the environment. This means working with the community and stakeholders ...... to achieve consensus on the natural resource, environmental and economic decisions that affect them.", we believe that the revised proposals should be published before a decision is made. In that way, the residents of W.A. can see how the community commented on the proposals and how these comments have been considered in the revised proposals, and also if or how the revised proposals are supported by research or other data.

Please be assured that the members of this Club fully support and actively practise conservation and responsible fishing, and will not argue with any changes which are really necessary and will be effective for the preservation of the environment and/or conservation of fish stocks. But we ask that the process of deciding those changes be open and equitable and supported by data which is appropriate and relevant to the proposed changes. You will see from our comments in the original submission that we believe the proposed Plan fails in several important areas.

We look forward to changes to these proposals to address the inequities and inconsistencies, and a release of the revised proposals for further public comment.

Yours sincerely

Terry Fuller, Secretary, Surf Casting and Angling Club of WA (Inc)


The Club has since received replies from Fisheries and Environment Ministers to these letters and our concerns about the Jurien Bay Marine Park proposals.

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