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Dry Casting Report, 11 September 2005.
Dry Casting  

With 14 of the regular club casters away at Yeppoon for the AAA National championships, we were never going to get a big rollup for the September dry casting day.

Even so, six seniors and four veterans, a lady and a junior turned up for a total of 12 on the day.

A "stranger" to dry casting in the form of Ian Cook turned up for the first time for a long time. Hope to see more of you at dry casting, Ian.

The day turned on some very good weather, with warm sunshine and light winds, and a good morning was had by all.

With the small number of casters, some shortcuts were taken in setting up the courts. We moved through the events fairly quickly. In fact so quickly that some people were not ready when their turn came for their next cast, and there was some good-natured ribbing about getting into gear and staying awake.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Tony D'Alonzo top scored for the day with 222 points, which included a very creditable 146 out of 200 in the double handed accuracy. Terry Fuller top scored in the single-handed accuracy with 31 out of 40.

Tony, Terry and Filomena scored bulls eyes in the single-handed accuracy.

Visitor Joseph Laundy seemed very impressed with the improvements to his casting distances and accuracy after being given a few simple tips on how to get the best out of his fishing gear. He ended up casting 75 metres and some accuracy casts with scores of 13 and 15. Our President, John Romano competed in the dry casting and found some of the tricks and traps involved.

John and Maria supplied the special sausages for the sausage sizzle which were really appreciated by all who tasted them. You might have a permanent order there, John.

John's baker friend (also a John) who had donated the buns and bread came along for a while and raised more than a little interest as he turned up on his shiny and not all that quiet Harley Davidson and parked it right next to John Romano's Pajero, not something that happens every dry casting day.

Remember the October dry casting day is on the second Sunday of the month due to the changes in the long weekend and Field Days. Don't forget the State Dry Casting on 30 October. Nominate yourself as an individual caster and make yourself available to be a member of a Surfcasters casting team.


Level Line Distance results for the day:-

  56 gram Artificial Bait 112 gram
Seniors Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points
Rick Parker111118231011002012712425
Andrew Aubrey979619941052011512024
Peter Stoeckel97941901031011811924
John Romano7666140008809
Joseph Laundy505511557213757215
Mark Hansen1051022100011210722
Tony D'Alonzo10201087941810610521
Terry Fuller927417888718919519
Ian Cook91090961011211423
Dean Stewart4868127179159610420
Filomena D'Alonzo8108737615988618
Andrew Stoeckel000000000

Accuracy results and Totals for the day:-

  Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy  
Seniors Distance 3 Distance 1 Distance 4 Distance 2 Total L S L S Total Day Total
Rick Parker181620190101019112080715195
Andrew Aubrey01113234021577627116156
Peter Stoeckel0012062413762080715130
John Romano0018220019218005038111
Joseph Laundy000501515134800661299
Mark Hansen012100041180401566
Tony D'Alonzo18211813172018211461058427222
Terry Fuller92332422920101206107831205
Ian Cook15231019120229200000134
Dean Stewart000101400133700951498
Filomena D'Alonzo11176142210016963010821158
Andrew Stoeckel190003018312000233

Winners of the Day:-

Event:Seniors WinnerScoreVeterans WinnerScore
56 gram DistanceRick Parker23Tony D'Alonzo17
Artificial Bait distanceRick Parker/Andrew Aubrey20Tony D'Alonzo/Terry Fuller18
112 gram DistanceRick Parker25Ian Cook23
Double Handed Accuracy.Rick Parker112Tony D'Alonzo146
Single Handed AccuracyAndrew Aubrey16Terry Fuller31
Event:Ladies WinnerScoreJunior WinnerScore
56 gram DistanceFilomena D'Alonzo8 
Artificial Bait distanceFilomena D'Alonzo15 
112 gram DistanceFilomena D'Alonzo18 
Double Handed Accuracy.Filomena D'Alonzo96Andrew Stoeckel31
Single Handed AccuracyFilomena D'Alonzo21Andrew Stoeckel2
Days High PointsTony D'Alonzo222 

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