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Moore River Fishing Field Day September 2003.

Nine members and one visitor fished the Moore River field day, three fished local. The weekend's weather was forecast to be wet and wild but turned out to be overcast and light winds, good fishing conditions. That's as far as it went, Moore River produced 6.7kg of fish and 357kg of seaweed. The local Field Day was no better.

We arrived Saturday morning to find that the river was still flowing out to sea, which left a large plume of dirty water to the north and cutting off any access to beaches south, not that they looked much good anyway with broad stretches of shallow water. Mixed in with the dirty water was tons of weed.

Cookie and TerryF had come up Friday and driven from Moore River along the tracks to Seabird. Everywhere they could get to the beaches showed shallow washed out beaches with exposed rocks, sanded up reef holes, dirty water and weed everywhere.

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A quick consultation with all the members present and it was decided to extend the northern boundary to 5kms north of Seabird in pursuit of clear conditions. We were able to overtake the dirty water by unfortunately we could not entirely escape the weed.

A couple of kilo plus snook were caught just south of Seabird, one by Chas and the other by Matt Henderson (visitor) and Tony was able to land two tailor of over a kilo each from the same area. Tony also weighed in a skippy of around 0.65kg, but this one was caught just north of Seabird. Vix, John Romano and I fished north but with only a few herring and whiting to show for our efforts. The only other fish to be weighed in were 5 herring, one tarwhine and a few whiting, pretty meager pickings.

Those fishing local did no better. Spencer and Damian tried Swanbourne but were only rewarded by weed for their long walk. They discovered a good size hole at Brighton road later that night but unfortunately with no success. Two mulloway were caught in the area that night but the prize went to other fishers. George fished Trigg and Brighton road Saturday night but also no reward.

It seems a long time since the fishing conditions, the fish and one of our field days peaked at the same time. The upside is that the next field day is only a week away now.

Hope to see you all at Port Gregory on the long weekend end of September.

Malcolm Harris Field Day Officer

Species caught on this field day were:- a few herring, tailor, tarwhine, snook, whiting and skippy.



AnglerWeightSpeciesFishTotal Points
Tony D'Alonzo 3.35 kg35113.5
Charles Riegert 1.5 kg2285
Malcolm Harris 0.585 kg2475.85
Vix Alexander 0.45 kg2574.5
Ian Cook 0.25 kg2272.5
Terry Fuller 0.225 kg1162.25
Bob Henderson 0 kg0050
Morris Kolman 0 kg0050
John Romano 0 kg0040
George Holman 0 kg0020
Spencer King 0 kg0020

Sportsperson of the Year Section Winners for September 2003.

Best Scale FishTony D'Alonzo Tailor1.55 kg
Best Bag of Scale fish Tony D'AlonzoMixed bag3.35 kg

Field Day Prizes for September 2003.

Best Scale FishChas Riegert Snook1.2 kg
Best Bag of Scale fish Tony D'AlonzoMixed bag3.35 kg

Field Day Top Ten for 2003/2004.

PositionAnglerTotal Points
1Tony D'Alonzo 641.3
2Ian Cook 358.5
3John Romano 257.3
4Spencer King185.3
5John Jardine180.0
6Vix Alexander 161.5
7Terry Fuller143.6
8George Holman141.0
9Morris Kolman140.0
10Tony Ong138.0

Field Day Sections for 2003/2004 up to September 2003.

1ABest Scale Fish (1st Six Months)Ian CookYellowtail Kingfish3.3 kg
5Best Tailor (1.0 kg min)George HolmanTailor3.1 kg
7Best Skipjack Trevally (0.5 kg min)Brad ZaknichSkipjack Trevally0.555 kg
9Best Scale Fish (Other than above)Mark FarnaySnook1.45 kg
13Best Fish caught on a single handed rodTerry FullerGarfish0.13 kg
10Best Bag Of Scale FishTony D'AlonzoMixed Bag9.75 kg

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