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Dry Casting Report September 2002

'Twas a tad chilly as I headed for the oval. Travelling down Alexander Drive, I glanced over to see if Willo had arrived. The oval was blanketed with fog and I couldn't see anything. with the grass all slippery and wet we took our time setting up, sipped on a hot coffee and watched the sun come up to provide a beautiful morning.

With the body still in repair mode I called on volunteers to look after scoring and was grateful that Mal and AJ, Aubs and Gazza quickly stepped up and gave assistance. Thanks fellas.

A tricky southerly wind wafted across the oval, causing a few out of bounds and wayward casts, but the jovial mood kept going. A few clangers (bull's-eyes), lots of friendly ribbing, some great casting and a lot of happy people enjoyed another good morning. The bull's-eye scored by Young Rhys only just put a grin on his face and his total score for the single handed event put many of the older mob into the background.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

The score sheets prove that Chas won the 112 gram distance, Gary the 56 gram distance, yours truly won the double handed and "Weeping Willo" won the single handed. That old warhorse Roy the Boy, (more like a knackered old draft horse) has the honour of being top dog for the day.

To those who assisted throughout the day a big thank you, to young Rhys a well done on the casting arena and for cooking the snags to perfection.

Keep it straight and long.



Results for the day:-

Seniors [112 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 112g Total Points [56 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 56g Total Points Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Day Total Points
George Holman151149301371292511822195
Chas Riegert16415332119-1211528187
Ric Parker126118241101042111524184
Gary Gildeersleves140-141271302611516171
Andrew Aubrey12412625109107229316156
Ian Pereira13212326-101101008144
Ken Black123-12--08212106
Terry Willison--0107-11563097
Malcolm Harris1001032066701450791
John Hall--065-691332146
Tim Tran--0--0448
Roy Killick134137271111152313929218
Mal Head111123231081102213919203
Bob Henderson132-13103-1014914186
Jim Strong93961997881910713158
Trevor Stam78881779851610112146
Allan Jones10110521-8896516111
Andy Thorgersen-838778817391377
Joy Brann605912615612727103
Vix Alexander-808--067479
Maureen Lissiman595812606312241462
Rhys Jones8476167671156829128
Ben Lilburne10210020-8087817123

Winners of the Day:-

Competition Winner Score
112 gramChas Riegert32
56 gramGary Gildersleeves26
Double Handed AccuracyBob Henderson149
Single Handed AccuracyTerry Willison30
Winner of the DayRoy Killick218
LadiesJoy Brann103
JuniorRhys Jones128

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