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Dry Casting Report Postal Casting Competition 29 August 2004

Last update 2:15pm WST, 1 September.

Write up, team scores, etc to be added when I'm sent it.

First names have been added for people where I have the name. Will replace the initial with the first name when I find them out.

Please contact us with any comments or extra information or if I've got the results in a wrong column. Some of this information has been copied from the casting forum, and that info was not formatted, so some results may be in the wrong weight column.


The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates


Overall results for the day:-

All distances are in metres. Names are in order of the longest cast.

Name Longest cast75g100g125g150g175gAggregate CastState
Cec Selby199 166183199186568NSW
Dave Solomons199 162 199 361WA
Scott Selby199 188199 179566NSW
Joe Pullella187  174187164524WA
Alan Whitehead182 175171182 528NSW
M. Johnston182 182169155174525NSW
Ian Watkins171  160150171481WA
J. Schraeder166 154166163141483NSW
Leigh Robinson164 156155164 474NSW
Stavros Mazarakis159 127139151159449WA
Sam Drury157 101136157134427NSW
Chas Reigert156 156152 132440WA
Dale Coates153 124137153137427WA
Robert Houston153 122135153145433NSW
Malcolm Harris151125135151147 433WA
Russell Kitching151  145151151447WA
John Barnes147 135134147 416WA
George Holman146 134146132 412WA
Richard Brendenkamp145  145137125407WA
Brendan Dolphin140 113140  253WA
Nick Allsworth140 140   140WA
Chad Milham140 136127140 403NSW
Andrew Woodley-Page138 138132  270WA
Tony Ong116 116113  229WA
Jeff Hewton100  1007085255WA
Ladies.Longest cast75g100g125g150g175gAggregate CastState
Vix Alexander9585949583 272WA

Results of inaugural leader line competition in Western Australia, Sunday 29 August

Conditions fine and sunny, very cold with mild cross court wind from right to left.

All distances are in metres.

PlaceCasterLongest Cast75 gramPlace100 gramPlace125 gram Place150 gramPlace175 gramPlace
1stDave Solomons199  1621st  1991st  
2ndJoe Pullella187    1741st1872nd1642nd
3rdIan Watkins171    1602nd1506th1711st
4thStavros Mazarakis159  1277th1399th1514th=1593rd
5thChas Riegert156  1562nd1523rd  1327th
6thDale Coates153  1248th13710th1533rd=1376th
7th=Malcolm Harris1511251st1355th1514th1477th  
7th=Russell Kitching151    1456th=1514th=1514th
9thJohn Barnes147    13511th1349th1475th
10thGeorge Holman146  1346th1465th13210th  
11th Richard Brendenkamp 145    1456th=1378th1258th
12th=Brendan Dolphin140  11310th1408th    
12th=Nick Allsworth140  1403rd      
14thAndrew Woodley-Page138  1384th13212th    
15thTony Ong116  1169th11313th    
16thJeff Hewton100    10014th7012th859th
17thVix Alexander (Lady)95852nd9411th9515th8311th  



1.1 Event No. 1. 75 gram Distance
Reel : Fixed Spool or Revolving Spool
Mainline : 0.30 mm minimum
Leader line : 0.65 mm minimum

1.2 Event No. 2. 100 gram Distance
Reel : Fixed Spool or Revolving Spool
Mainline : 0.30 mm minimum
Leader line : 0.65 mm minimum

1.3 Event No. 3. 125 gram Distance
Reel : Fixed Spool or Revolving Spool
Mainline : 0.30 mm minimum
Leader line : 0.65 mm minimum

1.4 Event No. 4. 150 gram Distance
Reel : Fixed Spool or Revolving Spool
Mainline : 0.30 mm minimum
Leader line : 0.75 mm minimum

1.5 Event No. 5. 175 gram Distance
Reel : Fixed Spool or Revolving Spool
Mainline : 0.30 mm minimum
Leader line : 0.75 mm minimum


2.1 Lines permitted shall be standard monofilament with minimum diameter of 0.30 mm, preferably in a fluorescent colour for ease of marking.

2.2 Leader line permitted shall be standard monofilament with a minimum diameter of 0.65 mm for events 1, 2 and 3 (above) and a minimum diameter of 0.75 mm for events 4 and 5. For ease of marking a fluorescent colour would be preferable.

2.3 There shall be a minimum of 5 wraps of leader line around the spool of the casting reel at the time of casting for safety reasons.


3.1 Casting weights used shall be 75 gram, 100 gram, 125 gram, 150 gram and 175 gram. All weights shall be manufactured with the approved DCA 'Beachbomb' mould only or as supplied by the organising officer.


4.1 Any reel of any manufacturer, regardless of size or origin, with or without modification, may be used, so long as it holds sufficient line of the designated diameter to remain intact at the conclusion of the cast.


5.1 Any rod of any manufacture, regardless of size or origin, may be used, but must have a minimum of four runners(guides) and a tip attached.


6.1 The casting court shall be in the shape of a 'V' with the following dimensions. From the apex of the 'V', measure out a centre line to 100 metres. At 100 metres a distance of 20 metres is measured at right angles to the centre line. A continuous line from the apex shall pass through these points. The width of the court shall be 40 metres at the 100 metre mark.

6.2 At the apex of the court a board or pegged rope of 3 metres length shall be placed at right angles to the centre line to mark the casting line.

7. CASTING style

7.1 Any form of recognised casting style will be permitted, however, the use of a power stroke in excess of 360 degrees, or any cast that in the opinion of the casting officer to be dangerous will be disqualified.


8.1 Each event shall consist of three casts, of which the best cast will be used to allocate points.

8.2 Any cast deemed 'foul' will have the scoring box 'scored through' and no result entered.

8.3 A cast shall be deemed 'foul' if:

8.3.1 any part of the caster crosses the casting line as itemised at 6.2 or touches the court with any body part before the cast has been completed;

8.3.2 the casting weight lands outside the boundaries of the 'V' court;or

8.3.3 the main line or leader line breaks during the cast (breakoff).

8.4 In order to differentiate between reel types to record longest casts, the letters 'R' or 'F' for rotating or fixed spool shall be documented with each cast.


9.1 Points shall be awarded at a ratio of 1 metre=1.5 points. Eg: 100 m=150 pts. Fractions of a metre shall also be awarded points in this ratio.

9.2 A caster MUST participate in a minimum of three events to win a tournament.

9.3 A caster may choose to take part in all five events if he/she desires, but only three events shall be used to total points for the tournament win.

9.4 Each event shall have a champion caster. This will be the person with the longest cast on the day for that event. For the INITIAL competition, this score will automatically register as an A.S.A. record and will stand until bettered in a future tournament.

9.5 Champion caster will be the person who aggregates the highest points over three events on the delegated tournament.


10.1 Each State shall submit the days score sheets of which the tally of only the top six (6) casters from each State will be used to decide a winner.

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This page last updated 1 September 2004.

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