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Dry Casting Report, 9 October 2005.
Dry Casting  

Casting was held on 9 October which was different to the usual first Sunday of the month, but we still had a reasonable attendance. We would always like to see more members attend.

The weather was cold with a brisk southerly wind blowing and a couple of showers early, but fined up later in the morning. Where's Spring gone?

We had a late start as the organiser was slack, and we also had to "spud in" our new laser measuring device under the supervision of Ian Cook. It took a while to sort out the best procedure, but once a modification or two are done to the tripod and base it should run smoothly. Thanks Cookie for organising all this.

Distances were not great because of the strong side wind. The Veterans were first up with the 56 gram which saw Cookie and Allan Jones with the longest casts of 118 metres. Vix Alexander cast 107 metres in the ladies and Rhys Jones cast 111 metres in the juniors.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Artificial Bait saw Allan Jones with 112 metres, Janet Hughes (ladies) 94 metres and Rhys Jones 104 metres. Allan Jones led the way in the 112 gram with 134 metres closely followed by Peter Osborne with 133 metres and junior Rhys Jones cast 145 metres which was an excellent cast in the conditions.

Tony D'Alonzo showed the vets the way in the double handed accuracy with 140 followed by Malcolm Head with 135. Janet Hughes was top lady with 99 and young Rhys Jones scored 145 which is an excellent score and included a bull's-eye.

Single handed accuracy saw a tie in the vets with Trevor Stam and Peter Osborne scoring 26 points. Filomena D'Alonzo was top lady with 29 and also score a bull's-eye.

In the seniors 56 gram distance, Malcolm Harris was longest with 138 metres followed by Gary Gildersleeves and George Holman 136 metres. George Holman was top in Artificial Bait with 141 metres followed by Malcolm Harris 135 metres. Malcolm also had the longest cast for the day in the 112 gram event with 163 metres and George Holman cast 161 metres.

There were also some good scores for the event by Andrew Aubrey and Kevin Hughes. Gary Gildersleeves blitzed the field in the double handed accuracy with 158 points, and scored a bull's-eye in the single handed accuracy. Andrew Aubrey showed the way with 23 followed by Malcolm Harris 22 and Gary Gildersleeves 21 points.

Even though the wind was gusty there were not that many casts out of court.

Gary Gildersleeves was top scorer on the day with 229, but shared the top spot with Malcolm Harris on 239 points overall after attendance points were added.

Malcolm Head and Tony D'Alonzo had 218 each in the vets and Filomena D'Alonzo top of the ladies with 197. Rhys Jones had 205 even though he did not cast in the single handed event.

Our next Club cast will be on Sunday 6 November and the usual events will be held as listed earlier under Coming Club Events. Club members are reminded that this is where you can sharpen up your casting skills under tuition and be taught with and try different rods and reels.

See you there. George Holman.


We have commenced an update of the Drycasting recording system which contains all the results and calculations for the year's dry casting, the section winners, progressive scores, top ten, Caster and Sportsperson of the Year, day winners, longest casts, identification of new casting records, etc. etc.

The intention is to automate everything. Or putting it another way - "Dammit computer, We're the boss, we have our ways of making you do what WE need"

One major change will be that the member's names and the day's scores will be entered in only ONE place and every other calculation and entry will be done and recorded automatically.

This will have the advantage that there will not be any possibility of different or conflicting details, and any changes made to fix any wrong entries will automatically flow right through and will not require any other manual changes.

Any system where the same data is entered in more than one place has a good chance that some entries WILL be wrong and the results WILL be different and some will be wrong. A nightmare to find, sometimes.

Once this program is finished, then the total work required to enter and keep the drycasting records will be reduced considerably in future months. In particular, the requirement to count only the best 11 days' scores this year will be easy to calculate.

Some obvious outcomes will be that a more detailed summary of highest score/longest casts will be published, and attendance figures will be added to the day's scores before the Reel Talk is printed, so that the winners including attendance points will be shown in Reel Talk.

Anyone who gets a total on the day which isn't more than 10 points more than the runner up, and doesn't also go to the General Meeting, might find he loses the day's winner crown or is sharing it with someone else. That's the scoring system and them's the rules. See section 3.8.3 "Attendance Points" in the Club's Competition Rules (97 kilobyte PDF file).


Level Line Distance results for the day:-

  56 gram Artificial Bait 112 gram
Seniors Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points
Malcolm Harris137138281261352615716332
George Holman134136271301412715916132
Andrew Aubrey0117121111062213813427
Peter Stoeckel0104101099520012212
Eric Parker1121052210910521012513
Kevin Hughes (vis)   11601213813427
Joseph Laundy979920669016107011
Mark Hansen011411010911012613
Malcolm Head105109211009419129013
Tony D'Alonzo00090971912011524
Terry Fuller92941984921810210721
Allan Jones0118121121112213412826
Peter Osborne010911850912913326
Trevor Stam616513766915848016
Ian Cook10711823010110013113
Jim Strong000777615998819
Filomena D'Alonzo898718849017988218
Vix Alexander1079921087910210321
Janet Hughes (vis)010210889418000
Rhys Jones01111101041014514029

Accuracy results and Totals for the day:-

  Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Cast ing Attend ance Total
Seniors Dist 3 Dist 1 Dist 4 Dist 2 Tot L S L S Tot Tot D C G M Points
Gary Gildersleeves212322212352221158051062122910  239
Malcolm Harris1810171214019211115809222191010239
George Holman5712116171921981704121961010216
Andrew Aubrey521241202407938573231771010197
Peter Stoeckel10200101512131393040591441010164
Eric Parker214162210002666705181401010160
Kevin Hughes (vis)140132303191688       12710  137
Joseph Laundy7011318020665020021141010134
Mark Hansen01458800035748120901010110
Malcolm Head14181424161121171350730101981010218
Tony D'Alonzo20142110192018181404821151981010218
Terry Fuller121522142072161174514141891010209
Allan Jones0620171681119973276181751010195
Peter Osborne43217141914211037856261751010195
Trevor Stam12414221614141110786572617710  187
Ian Cook020171917052199000881531010173
Jim Strong313140981217765775241341010154
Filomena D'Alonzo91718164016159581056291771010197
Vix Alexander15981309214790970161461010166
Janet Hughes (vis)1019221861581990001112810  138
Rhys Jones112322251452223145          19510  205

Winners of the Day:-

Event:Seniors WinnerVeterans Winner
56 gram Score28Malcolm Harris23Ian Cook
56 gram Distance138 mMalcolm Harris118 mAllan Jones/Ian Cook
Artificial Bait Score27George Holman22Allan Jones
Artificial Bait Distance141 mGeorge Holman112 mAllan Jones
112 gram Score32Malcolm Harris/George Holman26Peter Osborne/Allan Jones
112 gram Distance163 mMalcolm Harris134 mAllan Jones
Double Handed Acc.158Gary Gildersleeves140Tony D'Alonzo
Single Handed Acc.23Andrew Aubrey26Peter Osborne/Trevor Stam
Event:Ladies WinnerJuniors Winner
56 gram Score21Vix Alexander11Rhys Jones
56 gram Distance107 mVix Alexander111 mRhys Jones
Artificial Bait Score18Janet Hughes10Rhys Jones
Artificial Bait Distance94 mJanet Hughes104 mRhys Jones
112 gram Score21Vix Alexander29Rhys Jones
112 gram Distance103 mVix Alexander145 mRhys Jones
Double Handed Acc.99Janet Hughes145Rhys Jones
Single Handed Acc.29Filomena D'Alonzo
Day's High Points239Gary Gildersleeves/Malcolm Harris

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