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October 2001 Fishing Field Day S-Bend.

Well after picking up Kade on Friday afternoon, and then backtracking to my house (trust me to always leave something behind!!), we (Chas, Kade and myself) left Perth in relatively nice weather. An hour or so later the skies darkened and it started raining. What's a bit of rain, we all thought to ourselves. Out of nowhere came a full blown storm with some very heavy rain, thunder, lightning and very strong winds.

As we progressed slowly towards the S-Bend caravan park we realised that the storm was only getting worse and we would just have to put up with it. About 11 that night we arrived at the caravan somewhat weary and tired and praying that the weather would abate overnight. We did what most other people do in a situation like that and we eventually settled on a few relaxing drinks and a game of scrabble.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Now I'm not really keen on games such as scrabble so Chas easily beat the pants off me and Kade in the first game. However it was a different story with the second game. A change of rules saw some new and very original words developed, which definitely made a usually "boring" (for young people like myself anyway) game quite amusing and fun. Soon after we decided to call it quits and hit the sack. Not long after, George, Dave and Derry arrived and decided that in the bad conditions putting up a tent probably wasn't the best idea, so they ended up staying with us.

The next morning the conditions had improved slightly so we headed off, following George, to have a look at some of the spots. Having never been to S-Bend before, the water looked very fishy and certainly very productive. After the sign on we eventually made it up towards the Greenough River mouth area and although it got windier as the afternoon progressed we managed to find a reasonably sheltered spot to fish. The water looked very fishy indeed, but produced nothing at all. Towards dark we headed back to the caravan park and started having dinner and relaxing in general. Later that evening George and Co. arrived home, somewhat happy that George had managed to nail a 6kg mulloway in the Flat rocks area.

George and a lonely tailor

George and a lonely tailor

We decided to fish Flat Rocks the next morning and although very windy and rough it was still fishable. George managed to land a nice tailor but that's about as far as things went before we decided to pack up and head off to the BBQ. Although the weather wasn't the greatest, the sun did manage to shine through and made the BBQ very enjoyable and relaxing.

Check out that water!

Check out that water!

That afternoon we all headed off to fish the Lucy's area and that too looked very fishy. Although this area didn't look weeded up, nearly every cast resulted in a pile of weed. Now those that know me will tell you that I'm not very patient a lot of the time, so I headed off to throw some lures around the reefy areas. That too resulted in a lost lure or two and no fish.

Things weren't looking good at that stage. That night we headed home early and Chas and Derry seemed to play scrabble till the early hours of the morning, whilst Kade, George and Dave went back down for a fish. That night the wind died down and the clouds broke up but still very few fish were caught anywhere.

The next morning we finally awoke to magnificent weather with clear, bright skies and the gentlest of seabreezes. We threw lures around the reefy areas for hours that morning and came home empty handed. The only thing of interest that morning was a bloke next to me hooking and then loosing a very nice sized crayfish on a mulie!!

We headed off to the weigh in and well.... the results speak for themselves.

Although the weather was terrible, to say the least, and fish were few and far between, it was still an enjoyable weekend for all those that went.

Mat Sneddon, Acting Field Day Officer.

Peter in action

Peter Stoeckel was a bit miffed that he couldn't weigh in his catch after all the hard work he put in to landing it - something about it not being in the "eligible species list". Well judge for yourselves.

Peter's catch

Peter's "catch"

Battle of the elements at S Bend.

Left Perth at 7.45pm with black skies, heavy wind and rain with little enthusiasm in erecting the tent when we arrived. Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for Bob Henderson, (who was too sick to attend) we were able to bunk in with Chas Riegert, Mat Sneddon and Kade Ross. The host crew quickly attempted to return to the sleeping pattern, which appeared preferable to Barber's snoring, who had no trouble going to sleep.

Saturday morning saw heavy showers, overcast skies and strong wind. All were silent when the alarm went off, with the rain pelting down and the sound of high-pitched wind gusts. Holman blew it with the unforgivable statement that it was time to go to the loo. Bladder driven, the sorry line of rain and wind blasted figures left the warm sleeping bags and trooped outside.

The seas were rough with huge mounds of seaweed giving a clear indication of what was underneath. The group elected to go to Flat Rocks, subsequently moving further north before settling in. The day's effort resulting in only one tailor caught by George. As the night closed and bad weather persisted we decided to pack up. George had two rods set up and was the last one to up stakes. The rod tip bent and George was on, landing a magnificent 6.125kg mulloway.

Saturday night was devoted to the scrabble competition that resulted in Riegert being banned for life (We reckon he takes a dictionary to bed at night). No one else had caught a fish, which was a pity particularly for Mat and Kade who tried hard and were good company

It was reputed that some members did not wet a line (no names mentioned.)

Sunday resulted in a rock hopping hike south of Lucy's resulting in numerous silver bream all of which went back with not an Errol Flynn amongst them. Field day results were unaffected on Monday, with the top tally number of fish being six.

Derry Barber.


Results to be added when available

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