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Cervantes Fishing Field Day November 2003.

An interesting field day was this one, twenty six participants including four visitors. It started out with some lively discussion regarding the boundaries and the potency of individual memories. Once we had that sorted, everybody dispersed to their favorite spots.

The boundaries were extended on this occasion north to Sandy Point and south to back beach. The exact location of boundaries is something that we as the committee will have to make very clear in the future.

Vix and I headed to Hill River, where last year produced some good Tailor. Our usual spot was weeded out so it took us a little while to find a weed free patch further north and get the vehicle in position for camping that night. It was quite a warm day with little breeze but the flies were very friendly, finding their way into tight places even behind the sun glasses and a couple down the throat.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

The next step was to assemble all this stuff that we think is essential to successful angling; it seems to take for ever. In the back of your mind is this nagging voice that is saying; "you know all this stuff that you are taking out you will have to eventually put away again at some stage and then wash when you get home."

Eventually we were set up and lines in the water waiting eagerly for that first tap to indicate all this effort was worth it. There we were gazing out to sea enjoying to moment, funny I didn't notice that white water on the horizon, must be a reef. Odd, it extends south to north, do reefs move because this white water is getting closer. Perhaps it could be the sea breeze.

It was upon us in about 3 minutes, screaming in from the south west at about 30 knots. Well at least that had taken care of the flies. It was ok, fishing at an angle to the beach and keeping the rod low we managed. The trouble with wind, it tends to move things in the direction that it blowing, including weed. What once was a weed free patch was steadily being converted into a very weedy patch. To add insult to injury, our original spot was fast clearing itself as the weed headed north. No use mumbling about it, just pack up all the stuff and move back to our original spot.

We weren't the only ones to be set upon by the wind. Peter, Andrew and Brian were in the process of setting up their tent when it became obvious that without very long sand pegs they would be spending the afternoon tent sailing instead of fishing.

Later in the afternoon the wind died off but then swung around to the east and cranked back up to a very fresh status. There is usually an up side to every change, this one was casting distance, pity nothing was waiting that far off shore. I wonder if the Stirling Council would consider shifting the car park to the eastern side of the Yokine oval for our summer dry casting.

George, Dave, Rick, Ross, Julie, and a few visitors fished to the south of Hill River and caught some good fish between them. George landed the heaviest scale fish for the weekend, a Tailor of 0.85kg. Tony and Filomena did their usual nomadic thing again, venturing as far north as Sandy Point, which earned Tony the heaviest bag for the competition.

Mark and Wendy Hansen fished second reef with a nice bag of storm gardies. Morris and Cooky fished there as well for a mixed bag of species. John and Paul found the going a little slow up at Jurien but never the less managed a few good fish. Chas presented an excellent snook of 1.45kg taken on a single handed rod. It was caught the day before the field day so was ineligible for the competition but it will no doubt find its way into the open competition.

Cervantes seems to be good value for effort, just 2.5 hours from Perth, you are still able to camp outside of the town and there is every likely hood of catching a reasonable bag of fish. It was pleasing to see a good turn out for this field day.

Just a reminder of the new bag and size regulations that have now come into force. For example the minimum length of tailor has gone from 250mm to 300mm, skippy from 200mm to 250mm and snook from 280mm to 300mm (these are not the only changes in size). There are also other changes in regard to mixed bag limits.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your bag complies with these new regulations before presenting your fish for weigh in. Brochures are available from tackle shops or the Fisheries web site.

As a very visual group of fishos, we set an example to the general public in regard to fishing and fishing etiquette, let's make sure it's the right one.

Hope to see you on the beach next time. Malcolm Harris Field Day Officer

Species caught on this field day were:- herring, tailor, snook, garfish, flathead, western rock blackfish, wrasse, skippy, tarwhine and whiting.


Results for the November 2003 Field Day:-

AnglerWeightSpeciesFishTotal Points
Tony D'Alonzo 9.36 kg630203.6
Malcolm Harris 6.35 kg623173.5
George Holman 5.675 kg414146.75
Julie Kember 4.65 kg411126.5
Filomena D'Alonzo 5 kg318120
Ross Kember 2.5 kg47115
Mark Hansen 3 kg318110
Paul Thompson 2.55 kg315105.5
Morris Kolman 1.15 kg44101.5
Ian Cook 1.35 kg3993.5
Vix Alexander 1.775 kg2987.75
David Maxted 1.75 kg2487.5
John Romano 1.45 kg21184.5
Eric Parker 0.975 kg2379.75
Wendy Hansen 0.2 kg1262
Bob Henderson 00050
Tom Lund 00050
Geoff Raftis 00050
Charles Riegert 00050
Peter Stoeckel 00050
Andrew Stoeckel 00040
Brian Stokes 00040
Martin Lockett (Visitor)00040
Paul Mollett (Visitor)00040
Heath Holman (Visitor)00040
Terry Fuller 00020
Mathew Henderson 00020

Sportsperson of the Year Section Winners for November 2003.

Best Scale FishGeorge Holman Tailor0.85 kg
Best Bag of Scale fish Tony D'AlonzoMixed bag9.36 kg

Field Day Prizes for November 2003.

Best Scale FishGeorge Holman Tailor0.85 kg
Best Bag of Scale fish Tony D'AlonzoMixed bag9.36 kg

Field Day Top Ten for 2003/2004.

PositionAnglerTotal Points
1Tony D'Alonzo 1357.9
2Malcolm Harris 472.4
3Ian Cook 452.0
4John Romano 381.8
5Filomena D'Alonzo 328.0
6Vix Alexander 311.3
7John Jardine 293.5
8George Holman 287.8
9Bob Henderson 253.0
10Morris Kolman 241.5

Field Day Sections for 2003/2004 up to November 2003.

1ABest Scale Fish (1st Six Months)Tony D'AlonzoDhufish10.2 kg
1BBest Scale Fish (2nd Six Months)George HolmanTailor0.85 kg
3Best Shark (4.5kg min)Matt HendersonShark4.6 kg
4Best Mulloway (2.0kg min)Filomena D'AlonzoMulloway7.05 kg
5Best Tailor (1.0kg min)John Jardine Tailor4.3 kg
7Best Skipjack Trevally (0.5 kg min)Tony D'AlonzoSkipjack Trevally0.65 kg
9Best Scale Fish (Other than above)Tony D'AlonzoParrot Fish3.95 kg
10Best Bag Of Scale FishTony D'AlonzoMixed Bag38.3 kg
11Best Bag Of Mulloway (2 Fish Min)Tony D'AlonzoMulloway10.2 kg
12Best Bag Of Tailor (2 Fish Min)George HolmanTailor4.8 kg
13Best Fish On S/H Rod 4kg b/s line (max)Matt HendersonTailor0.425 kg
14Best Fish Caught on Fly RodMatt HendersonTailor0.3 kg

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