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Dry Casting Report, 11 June 2006.
Dry Casting  

The alarm tinkled at 4.30am and I shot out of bed, quickly got dressed and grabbed a coffee. Out into the fresh air that froze on the nostrils, the brass monkeys tried to take a hold and the car's heater took it's time to work. Out onto the highway and headed towards the city.

With a full moon glowing the road was well lit although the thick mist in places caused us to slow down. Not a sole on the highway, no roos to avoid (saw a couple sitting around a campfire), and the stereo belted out some good ol rock n roll.

On arrival at the oval I was greeted by Scott, AJ and young Jim who quickly assisted in setting up the casting area. The ice on the oval crackled under foot and the breeze was a tad freezing. The sun gradually showed it's face and went to work bringing the temperature up.

Fellow casters showed up and we hit the casting events with enthusiasm.

The vets were on the distance events and with George and AJ out pulling the sinkers we did our best. A rare mistake by Gary a couple of fluff ups by Mal a lot of determination showed by John and Dean. Even young Jim had problems. Still the competition was fierce and the wind must have created the out of courts. The seniors also had their problems with the wind.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Some cheers and jeers from the seniors during the d/handed event when Mal got a clanger. Young Rhys scored a bullseye in the s/handed and was all smiles. Even Jim got one to end the day with a smile.

Overall the winners were Rhys and I in the 56 gram, the same with the art/bait although Gary was also up there with us and Mal Harris won the 112 gram.

Once again "the master" showed us all how to win the double handed event with a score of 162 points.A good win went to Mal in the single handed also.

The single handed open was a comedy of errors from where I was standing because "throw away" Stoeckel spent more time looking for lost sinkers. George put away a cast of 84.7m to get a good win.

It was a great pleasure to give young Kaitlin a bit of guidance because that huge smile can melt anyone, especially when she casts 15m with her tiny casting rod. She even outcast George in the 112 gram.

As usual a few jumped in and assisted in bringing in the gear and Pete's expertise at burning a snagger was a great way to end the day. Pity the "cook" under estimated the quantities required and left a few grumbling bellies.

Did you know that grubby and greasy fingers are not the best way to pack up your casting gear.

See ya in July DCO HENDO


Level Line Distance results for the day (11 June 2006):-

  56 gram Artificial Bait 112 gram
Seniors Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points
Rhys Jones103115221141102213113627
Malcolm Harris0981001181213614728
Peter Stoeckel82821680841610310821
Scott Maloney10601110210220011912
Mark Hansen960108609011411
Bob Henderson115102221081132212613026
Gary Gildersleeves01141110911222127013
Terry Fuller9680188091171029019
Allan Jones1040101041022112112825
Malcolm Head00092941911512124
George Holman012813011712000
Jim Strong0006978150768
Dean Stewart664611717915689516
Ian Cook538814105992011610822
Trevor Stam777015535711618515
John Crompton5152100727000
Vix Alexander838717727415768816
Wendy Hansen0000556477012
Mini Juniors  
Kaitlin Stoeckel67157111132

Accuracy results and Totals for the day (11 June 2006):-

  Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Cast ing Attendance Total
Seniors Dist 3 Dist 1 Dist 4 Dist 2 Tot L S L S Tot Tot D C G M Points
Rhys Jones201182010151623123010562121510 225
Malcolm Harris61925136923911077893119110 201
Peter Stoeckel2121920002099107071415810 168
Scott Maloney015019700165769963013010 140
Mark Hansen4019160005440209118510 95
Bob Henderson142222236201722146310662524110 251
Gary Gildersleeves182021201922202216276041722510 235
Terry Fuller2117222311092512888462620810 218
Allan Jones020242166132211268252118910 199
Malcolm Head151720121512181912837251718810 198
George Holman31112121724132011206081415110 161
Jim Strong815191608102197221051913910 149
Dean Stewart21167219659854030713410 144
Ian Cook019101290412664102712910 139
Trevor Stam2012581101218862000212910 139
John Crompton018800001541063096710 77
Vix Alexander021010007135125521411310 123
Wendy Hansen0023100041249000006710 77
Mini Juniors  
Kaitlin Stoeckel1361575   46     5010 60

Winners of the Day (11 June 2006):-

Event:Seniors WinnerVeterans Winner
56 gram Score22Rhys Jones22Bob Henderson
56 gram Distance115mRhys Jones128mGeorge Holman
Artificial Bait Score22Rhys Jones22Bob Henderson, Gary Gildersleeves
Artificial Bait Distance118mMalcolm Harris117mGeorge Holman
112 gram Score28Malcolm Harris26Bob Henderson
112 gram Distance147mMalcolm Harris130mBob Henderson
Double Handed Acc.123Rhys Jones162Gary Gildersleeves
Single Handed Acc.31Malcolm Harris26Terry Fuller
Section Highest Points225Rhys Jones251Bob Henderson

Event:Ladies Winner
56 gram Score17Vix Alexander
56 gram Distance87Vix Alexander
Artificial Bait Score15Vix Alexander
Artificial Bait Distance74Vix Alexander
112 gram Score16Vix Alexander
112 gram Distance88Vix Alexander
Double Handed Acc.51Vix Alexander
Single Handed Acc.14Vix Alexander
Section Highest Points123Vix Alexander

EventOverall Winner June 2006Year's Best up to June
56 gram Score22Rhys Jones, Bob Henderson25George Holman
56 gram Distance128mGeorge Holman133mMalcolm Harris
Artificial Bait Score22Rhys Jones, Bob Henderson, Gary Gildersleeves22Malcolm Harris, Rhys Jones, Bob Henderson, Gary Gildersleeves
Artificial Bait Distance118mMalcolm Harris120mGeorge Holman
112 gram Score28Malcolm Harris29Nick Allsworth
112 gram Distance147mMalcolm Harris158mGeorge Holman
Double Handed Acc.162Gary Gildersleeves162George Holman, Gary Gildersleeves
Single Handed Acc.31Malcolm Harris32Nick Allsworth
Day's High Points251Bob Henderson269Bob Henderson

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