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Cape to Cape Fishing Field Day July 2003.

Winter, Yamba coming up, and other excuses meant that only a few ventured out for this weekend. Vix was struck down with a really nasty virus with Ross River fever type symptoms so Mal didn't go.

John Romano volunteered to do the weigh in and recording. The weather was building up down south, places to fish were hard to find and Sunday morning was quite rough.

Tony D'Alonzo scooped the pool again (who's surprised?). Spencer King fished local for a single tailor, Terry Fuller weighed in a single garfish - the others are whole in the freezer with the aim of converting them into a mackerel in Exmouth in a few weeks.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Terry has issued a challenge to all you Field Day fishers. The gardie has been entered as the heaviest fish caught on a single handed rod. At 130 grams, it should really take some beating. Let's see that section change every field day.

Caught on this field day were:- herring, tailor, tarwhine, whiting, rock cod, garfish and skippy.



AnglerWeightSpeciesFishTotal Points
Ian Cook 6.05 kg34140.5
George Holman 4.1 kg35121
Ross Kember 2.77 kg1187.7
John Romano 0.525 kg2375.25
Vix Alexander 0.7 kg2467
Julie Kember 0.475 kg2264.75
Tony D'Alonzo 0 kg0050
Terry Fuller 0 kg0050
Bob Henderson 0 kg0050
Spencer King 0 kg0050
Peter Stoeckel 0 kg0050
Malcolm Harris 0 kg0040
Filomena D'Alonzo 0 kg0040
Morris Kolman 0 kg0040
Andrew Stoeckel 0 kg0040

Sportsperson of the Year Section Winners for July 2003.

Best Scale FishTony D'Alonzo Rock Cod0.8 kg
Best Bag of Scale fish Tony D'AlonzoMixed bag9.75 kg

Field Day Prizes for July 2003.

Best Scale FishSpencer KingTailor0.6 kg
Best Bag of Scale fish Tony D'AlonzoMixed bag9.75 kg

Field Day Top Ten for 2003/2004.

PositionAnglerTotal Points
1Tony D'Alonzo 346.3
2Ian Cook 140.5
3John Romano 137.8
4George Holman 121.0
5Ross Kember 87.7
6Vix Alexander 87.0
7Spencer King 86.0
8Paul Thompson 82.0
9Terry Fuller 81.3
10Julie Kember 64.8

Field Day Sections for 2003/2004 up to July 2003.

1ABest Scale Fish (1st Six Months)George HolmanTailor3.1 kg
5Best Tailor (1.0 kg min)George HolmanTailor3.1 kg
13Best Fish caught on a single handed rodTerry FullerGarfish0.13 kg
10Best Bag Of Scale FishTony D'AlonzoMixed Bag9.75 kg

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