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Dry Casting Report, 8 January 2006.
Dry Casting  

I'd like to open this month's report with an apology to the senior competitors for not giving them a fair go in my "day's reports". As I compete with the Vets I rarely get any info on what goes on in their section during the day. Therefore I show bias towards the Vets, Ladies and Juniors in my reports. Sorry fellas.

The score sheets show Nick, Mal, George and Gary are the leading top dogs with Aubs, Pete, Ric and Mark nipping at their heels and making them earn their points.

Competition is close in all events and some great casting distances are achieved. They carry out their day's casting without any hassles but every now and then I hear then give loud cheers when good casting is displayed by one of them.

This month's results show Nick and George shared the section honours but Nick shared the top scores with veteran AJ.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

The young Super Vet we call Gentleman Jim Strong produced a grand effort and pipped us all in the double handed accuracy event.

AJ and I had a close tussle and shared section honours in the Vet division. The ladies ran head to head all day and shared the honours also. They push each other to better casting but with a real friendship that's a joy to watch.

As usual it was a great morning with no complaints regarding the change in the location of the casting court. The weather and wind played its part in making conditions enjoyable.

Thank you to the members who gave casting guidance to our visitors for they were very pleased with their improved casting abilities at the end of the day.

Dry Casting Organiser, Hendo


Level Line Distance results for the day (8 January 2006):-

  56 gram Artificial Bait 112 gram
Seniors Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points
Nick Allsworth136151291391352716316333
Gary Gildersleeves135137271261262515115130
Malcolm Harris146143291041192214216531
George Holman1371452813913928166017
Andrew Aubrey114114231041202213712626
Eric Parker121126251201162414413328
Mark Hansen000103992012412825
Scott Maloney0000007610518
Peter Stoeckel         
Allan Jones118117241091172313514028
Terry Fuller981042080971811010822
Malcolm Head116121241101082213613227
Jim Strong9579178584170848
Tony D'Alonzo11710722961022012611824
Bob Henderson12412825012312140014
Trevor Stam75411257821410510521
Dean Stewart8777168688170919
Filomena D'Alonzo9899208782171029420
Vix Alexander100972085091079921
Andrew Stoeckel626313818517777916
Mini Juniors  
Kaitlin Stoeckel78212102581

Accuracy results and Totals for the day (8 January 2006):-

  Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Cast ing Attend ance Total
Seniors Dist 3 Dist 1 Dist 4 Dist 2 Tot L S L S Tot Tot D C G M Points
Nick Allsworth1917201310231231176103928234100244
Gary Gildersleeves20191623171711114073515211100221
Malcolm Harris021211114091995697628205100215
George Holman1616101210619796238720189100199
Andrew Aubrey714162212014085009413169100179
Eric Parker1310155701859436821157100167
Mark Hansen20823021005432016105100115
Scott Maloney02491501135670005590100100
Peter Stoeckel               10010
Allan Jones1616151515122021130895729234100244
Terry Fuller1818122215211491292671025214100224
Malcolm Head7191819402321111589022206100216
Jim Strong231817141602320131857828201100211
Tony D'Alonzo14181961602217112597122200100210
Bob Henderson02115182313161412061021028199100209
Trevor Stam19206322191019118079723188100198
Dean Stewart1101200188136251010025129100139
Filomena D'Alonzo16110121172215103889429189100199
Vix Alexander9231511222022412602002178100188
Andrew Stoeckel0192019900249135008145100155
Mini Juniors  
Kaitlin Stoeckel0023    5012031310023

Winners of the Day (8 January 2006):-

Event:Seniors WinnerVeterans Winner
56 gram Score29Nick Allsworth, Malcolm Harris25Bob Henderson
56 gram Distance151Nick Allsworth128Bob Henderson
Artificial Bait Score28George Holman23Allan Jones
Artificial Bait Distance139Nick Allsworth, George Holman123Bob Henderson
112 gram Score33Nick Allsworth28Allan Jones
112 gram Distance166George Holman140Allan Jones, Bob Henderson
Double Handed Acc.117Nick Allsworth131Jim Strong
Single Handed Acc.28Nick Allsworth, Malcolm Harris29Allan Jones
Section Highest Points244Nick Allsworth244Allan Jones

Event:Ladies WinnerJuniors WinnerMini Juniors Winner
56 gram Score20Filomena D'Alonzo, Vix Alexander13Andrew Stoeckel2Kaitlin Stoeckel
56 gram Distance100Vix Alexander63Andrew Stoeckel8Kaitlin Stoeckel
Artificial Bait Score17Filomena D'Alonzo17Andrew Stoeckel2Kaitlin Stoeckel
Artificial Bait Distance87Filomena D'Alonzo85Andrew Stoeckel12Kaitlin Stoeckel
112 gram Score21Vix Alexander16Andrew Stoeckel1Kaitlin Stoeckel
112 gram Distance107Vix Alexander79Andrew Stoeckel8Kaitlin Stoeckel
Double Handed Acc.126Vix Alexander91Andrew Stoeckel5Kaitlin Stoeckel
Single Handed Acc.29Filomena D'Alonzo8Andrew Stoeckel3Kaitlin Stoeckel
Section Highest Points199Filomena D'Alonzo155Andrew Stoeckel23Kaitlin Stoeckel

EventOverall Winner January 2006Year's Best up to January
56 gram Score29Nick Allsworth, Malcolm Harris29Chas Riegert, Gary Gildersleeves, Malcolm Harris, Nick Allsworth
56 gram Distance151mNick Allsworth151mNick Allsworth
Artificial Bait Score28George Holman28George Holman
Artificial Bait Distance139mNick Allsworth, George Holman159mKeith Heaney
112 gram Score33Nick Allsworth38Keith Heaney
112 gram Distance166mGeorge Holman192mKeith Heaney
Double Handed Acc.131Jim Strong158Gary Gildersleeves
Single Handed Acc.29Allan Jones, Filomena D'Alonzo32Tony D'Alonzo
Day's High Points244Nick Allsworth, Allan Jones276Gary Gildersleeves

Single Handed Open

NameCast 1Cast 2Best
George Holman91.8 m89.6 m91.8 m
Scott Maloney72.7 m--72.7 m
Mark Hansen59.3 m71.2 m71.2 m
Malcolm Harris70.8 m69.9 m70.8 m

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