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Dry Casting Report, 5 February 2006.
Dry Casting  

What a way to spend a Sunday morning. The sun's shining with not a cloud in sight, a very slight southeasterly breeze, happy people gathering to partake in a sport that's not too heavy on the body and fun to participate. Life's good when you're at ease with the world and having fun with friends.

Low numbers in the seniors allowed them to carry out their accuracy events quickly and give them time to relax and enjoy their drinks.

George must have been quite at ease for he blitzed everyone in the double handed accuracy and pushed all in the single handed event.

His efforts won that event for the day. Some great distance casting won Nick all the day's honours.

"Young" Gary has declared his coming of age and competed in the Vets section. "Getting some practice for the upcoming State and National titles" said Gary. Watch how the Vets events go up a notch now that Gary is pushing us. An even bigger fear for us is that George is also heading our way too. Still on the day we can overcome.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

AJ won the Vets Artificial Bait, Alphonse beat everyone in the single handed event. The targets took a hammering with quite a few bulls eyes being scored. "If Only" Cookie could stop snaffling his casts we would see his name up in lights. Vix and Filomena shared honours and we all enjoy assisting Kaitlin with her casting. Yours truly had a good day as the scoreboard shows. Congrats to George for producing a great cast of 180m to win the Open event. Cookie's third cast was a classic......

Thanks to all helpers and Pete for the coldy and snag at the end of the day. The sit around makes a great ending to the day.

Dry Casting Organiser, Bob Henderson.

Gary Gildersleeves has decided to move to the Veterans section for casting. The usual arrangement is that people stay in the same section for the full competition year, and only make the changes at the start of a year.

This shift affects accuracy scores because Seniors and Veterans cast to different distances. Gary was happy for his accuracy scores not to be counted for the last three months of the year.

Gary's casts are listed in the Veterans section for this month of February. A precedent of sorts was set earlier when George Holman cast in the Veterans section before the Yeppoon Championships and then moved back to the Seniors Section.

What does it all mean for the results of the competitions? Fortunately with the computer scoring system used now, (developed by Terry Fuller despite great expense and technical difficulty,) the raw results can be shifted around or deleted and a few clicks then recalculates everything.

So even though it is possible for a change of section to affect the results and the winners, in reality it might not make much difference except who gets acknowledged each month.

When I get some spare time (what's that?) I'll look through all the results and see if George's and Gary's moves make any difference to the overall results for the year. That might not happen or be possible until we have the full year's results, including scores from March and April.

Collator of Dry Casting Scores, TerryF.


Level Line Distance results for the day (5 February 2006):-

  56 gram Artificial Bait 112 gram
Seniors Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points
George Holman000013013161016
Nick Allsworth131137271341312716216533
Andrew Aubrey9911121100992012111524
Eric Parker99121221079420013313
Mark Hansen10097209801012211123
Peter Stoeckel0009501011911824
Bob Henderson1221262501031013713427
Tony D'Alonzo1161042297951912512325
Gary Gildersleeves12313826011311013614
Malcolm Head11511423104992012812425
Jim Strong879318828517908818
Terry Fuller8489177991171119621
Allan Jones108122231021042112513326
Trevor Stam02020687864813
Ian Cook10611322117012013313
John Crompton06976807000
Filomena D'Alonzo1790118408919819
Vix Alexander96891976081049920
Mini Juniors  
Kaitlin Stoeckel10112251000

Accuracy results and Totals for the day (5 February 2006):-

  Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Cast ing Attend ance Total
Seniors Dist 3 Dist 1 Dist 4 Dist 2 Tot L S L S Tot Tot D C G M Points
George Holman1220202324162423162897630221100231
Nick Allsworth9111812191801510243029198100208
Andrew Aubrey12032212162480159419164100174
Eric Parker016192301201181807116152100162
Mark Hansen020191215021280830516149100159
Peter Stoeckel0022200918069057113116100126
Bob Henderson17212117171815191457710731238100248
Tony D'Alonzo18151414191519221368981035237100247
Gary Gildersleeves239232118142321152307717220100230
Malcolm Head42262519152221134054716218100228
Jim Strong1620181418141521136866626215100225
Terry Fuller1818161119101081104891031196100206
Allan Jones00219791624778105528175100185
Trevor Stam231422176142117134146011167100177
Ian Cook01424091220119000077144100154
John Crompton0230000142158000007210082
Filomena D'Alonzo71716166181710107684018163100173
Vix Alexander01061401919229030306143100153
Mini Juniors  
Kaitlin Stoeckel0000000002154121510025

Winners of the Day (5 February 2006):-

Event:Seniors WinnerVeterans Winner
56 gram Score27Nick Allsworth26Gary Gildersleeves
56 gram Distance137mNick Allsworth138mGary Gildersleeves
Artificial Bait Score27Nick Allsworth21Allan Jones
Artificial Bait Distance134mNick Allsworth117mIan Cook
112 gram Score33Nick Allsworth27Bob Henderson
112 gram Distance165mNick Allsworth137mBob Henderson
Double Handed Acc.162George Holman152Gary Gildersleeves
Single Handed Acc.30George Holman35Tony D'Alonzo
Section Highest Points231George Holman248Bob Henderson

Event:Ladies WinnerMini Juniors Winner
56 gram Score19Vix Alexander2Kaitlin Stoeckel
56 gram Distance96mVix Alexander11mKaitlin Stoeckel
Artificial Bait Score8Filomena D'Alonzo1Kaitlin Stoeckel
Artificial Bait Distance84mFilomena D'Alonzo, Vix Alexander5mKaitlin Stoeckel
112 gram Score20Vix Alexander  
112 gram Distance104mVix Alexander  
Double Handed Acc.107Filomena D'Alonzo  
Single Handed Acc.18Filomena D'Alonzo12Kaitlin Stoeckel
Section Highest Points173Filomena D'Alonzo23Kaitlin Stoeckel

EventOverall Winner February 2006Year's Best up to February
56 gram Score27Nick Allsworth29Chas Riegert, Gary Gildersleeves, Malcolm Harris, Nick Allsworth
56 gram Distance138mGary Gildersleeves151mNick Allsworth
Artificial Bait Score27Nick Allsworth28George Holman
Artificial Bait Distance134mNick Allsworth159mKeith Heaney
112 gram Score33Nick Allsworth38Keith Heaney
112 gram Distance165mNick Allsworth192mKeith Heaney
Double Handed Acc.162George Holman162George Holman
Single Handed Acc.35Tony D'Alonzo35Tony D'Alonzo
Day's High Points248Bob Henderson276Gary Gildersleeves

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