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Dry Casting Report, 5 April 2006.
Dry Casting  

A beautiful fresh morning, an early start and a quick setup gave me time to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee. The arrivals greeted each other warmly and merriment was in the air.

ALL STUFFED UP by one shifty character who endeavored to reach out and dislodge my attention by enticing my natural taste buds with an offer "TOO" good to refuse. Displaying a vessel holding a new brand of amber liquid of the alcoholic beverage and throat smoothing qualities," He" offered a tantalising quantity to tempt my salivating lips. Alcohol at 8am is not my normal start to the day but who am I to refuse.

On an empty stomach the nectar tasted sweet, sliding smoothly down the throat but biting the belly lining. I made a comment on it's qualities and anticipated a tad more but it fell on deaf ears. "Just wanted to loosen you up" said "He".

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

It's a sad state when a fellow competitor will try any way to put you off so that they can beat you in competition. If "he" had left the bottle then maybe he would have had a chance. Must tell him to keep trying.

The Seniors hit the accuracy court and the cheers rang out when "Big Ric" landed a bullseye but all were very quiet for the rest of the competition. The score sheet says it all. George and Mal had a tussle during the single handed event but it was Aubs who had them stuttering with his last two casts. Well done Aubs.

New kid on the block "Scott", had his fellow competitors jaws on the ground when his casting abilities came out. Some great distances that are equal to the best of them and "he's only just started". This lad (and young Rhys) are going to go places mark my words.

The same can be said for one of the "New Old Guys". Watch the score sheets and keep an eye on "Geoff's" scores. Give him 12 months and he'll be a handful for the Vets.

Meanwhile has anyone been keeping an eye on our "junior" competitor's scores. He's been thumping the Vets and from now on will be up there with the Seniors. Good disposition, magical talent, young and still keen. The Club's got a gem.

Congratulations to Mal for being the best in the 56gram, to George for his efforts in the 112gram and to Gary for winning the artificial bait . Being "loose" helped me win the double handed accuracy event but everyone couldn't get near Alphonse in the single handed accuracy.

Not a smile from Alphonse when he scored a bullseye although Gary, Rhys and Vix's huge grins shone through. Why even Aubs still had his grin even after we all finished.

Thanks to all for another great day.

PS. Young Rhys on his last day as a junior equaled his Club record in the 112gram with a cast of 145m and reset the Club record for 56gram from 111m to 127m. Just 2m off the state record. Well done Rhys.

Dry Casting Organiser, Bob Henderson.


Level Line Distance results for the day (5 April 2006):-

  56 gram Artificial Bait 112 gram
Seniors Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points
Eric Parker10611122102171212913226
George Holman11701212812525150015
Malcolm Harris128137271071192313513427
Andrew Aubrey9710020110992111512124
Mark Hansen10901192941911912725
Peter Stoeckel93941989901810812223
Scott Maloney118972213211224150015
Bob Henderson1161232412201213013026
Tony D'Alonzo10111422104992011412424
Gary Gildersleeves0114111171132314013528
Ian Cook11711723112992113013527
Malcolm Head1091072297992012212224
Terry Fuller93991982851711510722
Jim Strong849418747615958218
Allan Jones0116121031122211813225
Geoff Raftis11311923000102010
Dean Stewart727815838016908818
Trevor Stam284076106000
John Crompton45050008108
Vix Alexander908518787215869318
Rhys Jones119127251241182414514229
Mini Juniors  
Kaitlin Stoeckel321731000

Accuracy results and Totals for the day (5 April 2006):-

  Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Cast ing Attendance Total
Seniors Dist 3 Dist 1 Dist 4 Dist 2 Tot L S L S Tot Tot D C G M Points
Eric Parker2112251610420231318901182091010229
George Holman5182113101422201238728252001010220
Malcolm Harris1920241106120924976261951010215
Andrew Aubrey01006014102161001010201461010166
Mark Hansen01716100021550077141241010144
Peter Stoeckel0117120014044000551091010129
Scott Maloney0144000082660006931010113
Bob Henderson24191217242322221637887302551010275
Tony D'Alonzo18222181818122414181087332401010260
Gary Gildersleeves2019211921211513149051082323410 244
Ian Cook14102223614021110006061871010207
Malcolm Head062212131123221091603101851010205
Terry Fuller211891651110211110049131821010202
Jim Strong1513160111914790955191491010169
Allan Jones0614200122227647552115610 166
Geoff Raftis11708022722770175131231010143
Dean Stewart01731815002073     1221010142
Trevor Stam200221801318733434141001010120
John Crompton00730004140107835101055
Vix Alexander0018190209268601052114010 150
Rhys Jones191023225181817132601052123110 241
Mini Juniors  
Kaitlin Stoeckel00000000000000210 12

Winners of the Day (5 April 2006):-

Event:Seniors WinnerVeterans Winner
56 gram Score27Malcolm Harris24Bob Henderson
56 gram Distance137mMalcolm Harris123mBob Henderson
Artificial Bait Score25George Holman23Gary Gildersleeves
Artificial Bait Distance132mScott Maloney122mBob Henderson
112 gram Score27Malcolm Harris28Gary Gildersleeves
112 gram Distance150mGeorge Holman, Scott Maloney140mGary Gildersleeves
Double Handed Acc.131Eric Parker163Bob Henderson
Single Handed Acc.26Malcolm Harris33Tony D'Alonzo
Section Highest Points229Eric Parker275Bob Henderson

Event:Ladies WinnerMini Juniors Winner
56 gram Score18Vix Alexander25Rhys Jones
56 gram Distance90mVix Alexander127mRhys Jones
Artificial Bait Score15Vix Alexander24Rhys Jones
Artificial Bait Distance78mVix Alexander124mRhys Jones
112 gram Score18Vix Alexander29Rhys Jones
112 gram Distance93mVix Alexander145mRhys Jones
Double Handed Acc.68Vix Alexander132Rhys Jones
Single Handed Acc.21Vix Alexander21Rhys Jones
Section Highest Points150Vix Alexander241Rhys Jones

EventOverall Winner April 2006Year's Best up to April
56 gram Score27Malcolm Harris29Chas Riegert, Gary Gildersleeves, Malcolm Harris, Nick Allsworth
56 gram Distance137mMalcolm Harris155 mJoe Pullella
Artificial Bait Score25George Holman28George Holman
Artificial Bait Distance132mScott Maloney159 mKeith Heaney
112 gram Score29Rhys Jones38Keith Heaney
112 gram Distance150mGeorge Holman, Scott Maloney192 mKeith Heaney
Double Handed Acc.163Bob Henderson163Bob Henderson
Single Handed Acc.33Tony D'Alonzo35Tony D'Alonzo
Day's High Points275Bob Henderson276Gary Gildersleeves

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